Membership Info

General Rules and Etiquette

  • It is MANDATORY that members scan their ID cards upon entering. We appreciate your patience if there is a line.
  • We are a non-smoking property – NO SMOKING anywhere.
  • Opening Time: We open the Club at 10:00 am, but PLEASE – do not arrive early to “get a good spot”. Our intrepid Beach Crew is very busy in the early mornings preparing the Club to open: sweeping decks, cleaning the beach, and other setting-up chores. Your early presence interferes with their ability to do a great job!
  • Closing Time: We close at 8 pm Sunday – Thursday; at 10 pm Friday & Saturday nights. This does not mean you start packing up at 8 or 10 pm, but that you are gone by these hours. The managers who work at night have usually been at the club all day; they would like to get home, too. We find it’s the same people who have to be asked several times to leave, so please, be considerate of our staff and be OUT of the club by the “witching hour”!
  • Game playing, such as football passing & baseball, is allowed ONLY near the ocean or on the public beach. Enough people have been hit in the head with errant passes, so DO NOT play amongst the sun worshippers. Also, DO NOT bounce balls on the decks or in the lobby, which could drive people “CRAZEE.”
  • DO NOT play with the shower towers – they are for function, not “fun”.
  • No running on the pool deck.
  • No playing in the club showers!
  • No playing in the locker alleys! Our locker alleys are now equipped with video surveillance – so if your child is “caught on tape” in the locker alleys your membership could be in jeopardy. Ready for your close-up?
  • Lifeguards are in charge; you must listen to them at all times.
  • Do not sit in front of the Lifeguard stands.  If your umbrella is in front of the stand, it can make it hard to watch the water.
  • No rough-housing in the Kiddie Pool – we have very little ones there and they could get hurt! Older children rough-housing in the kiddie pool leads to injury; they should be in the big pool or the ocean.
  • Dropping off unattended children under age 12 is not allowed; for teens, it really is a matter of behavior... so use your judgment wisely.
  • Alcoholic beverages must be covered at all times; Chapel Beach Club cozies and bottle holders are for sale at the front desk.
  • Please bus your tables when you are finished eating as a common courtesy. Also, please encourage your children to clean up after themselves as well.
  • Please carry your garbage and place INTO to the garbage cans when leaving after 6 pm. DO NOT place your garbage next to the cans. When left there, the infamous beach cats rip open the bags and spew garbage EVERYWHERE, making a nice mess for the morning crew to face.  If the garbage can is FULL when you leave around closing time, please take your garbage to the dumpsters in the parking lot.  Again, do not leave garbage bags next to or on top of the cans. 

Chapel Beach Club Parking Lot Rules

Chapel distributes one parking pass per household.  Cars without parking passes are not permitted in the Chapel Parking lots.  Please, please do not attempt to park any cars without passes in the lots.  Our intrepid lot staff does their best to make sure cars are parked appropriately.  Do not sneak in while no one is looking.  Also, we cannot guarantee that everyone will receive a parking spot on beautiful weekends or holidays. We do our best, but sometimes math is math.  The common sense rule applies here.  


Guest Rules & Rates

All guests must be accompanied by a member when entering the club. There is no “dropping off” of guests; the member must be at the club at all times while the guest is there. All Guests must park in the public parking, not in the main or overflow lots. Please make sure that your guests understand and respect our rules, otherwise, you’ll all be thrown out!


Weekday Weekend Holiday
Children (1yr to 20yrs) $15 $20 $30
Adults (21 and older) $20 $25 $40